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The V.B.B. offer consists of an interesting assortment of pet-food with a high level of quality and very advanced in the composition of ingredients and of recipes.

The textures we present in our lines are as follows: PATE', PATE'+MEAT, PATE'+FRUIT, PATE'+VEGETABLES, MUSCLE MEAT BITS, MOUSSE, NATURAL, SAUCE, JELLY, CREAM, SOUP.

The containers and the execution possibilities that characterizes our brands are mainly: CANS, ALUTRAYS, SAUSAGES, BURGERS (patented)

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Products found: 87
KippyPatérich in CHICKENPuppyCan14.11 oz
1963EAN 8015912511485
KippyPatérich in CHICKENAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1964EAN 8015912511492
KippyPatérich in BEEFAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1965EAN 8015912511508
KippyPatérich in SALMONAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1966EAN 8015912511515
KippyPatérich in TurkeySenior dogCan14.11 oz
1967EAN 8015912511522
KippyPatérich in CHICKENPuppyAlu-cup5,29 oz
1968EAN 8015912511539
KippyPatérich in CHICKENAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
1969EAN 8015912511546
KippyPatérich in BEEFAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
1970EAN 8015912511553
KippyPatérich in SALMONAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
1971EAN 8015912511560
KippyPatérich in TurkeySenior dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
1972EAN 8015912511577
KippyPatéwith BEEFAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0146EAN 8015912501486
KippyPatéwith TRIPEAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0146AEAN 8015912501981
KippyPatéwith LAMB and RICEAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0147EAN 8015912502476
KippyPatéwith CHICKEN and BEEFAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0148EAN 8015912501530
KippyPatéwith CHICKEN and TURKEYAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0149EAN 8015912501547
KippyPaté+Bitswith TURKEY, BARLEY & MUSCLE MEAT BITSAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0129EAN 8015912503039
KippyPaté+BitsLIGHT Formula with MUSCLE MEAT BITSAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0130EAN 8015912503046
KippyPaté+Bitswith CHICKEN, RICE, CARROTS & MUSCLE MEAT BITSAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0131EAN 8015912503053
KippyPaté+Bitswith FISH, RICE, CARROTS & MUSCLE MEAT BITSAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0132EAN 8015912503008
KippyPaté+Bitswith BEEF, RICE, VEGETABLES & MUSCLE MEAT BITSAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0133EAN 8015912503015
KippyPaté+Bitswith LAMB, RICE & MUSCLE MEAT BITSAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0134EAN 8015912503022
KippyPaté+BitsACTIVE Formula with MUSCLE MEAT BITSAdult dogSausage28,22 oz
0135EAN 8015912503060
KippyFruitrich in TURKEY with APPLESPuppyCan14.11 oz
1973EAN 8015912511584
KippyFruitrich in LAMB with BERRIESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1974EAN 8015912511591
KippyFruitrich in TUNA with PINEAPPLEAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1975EAN 8015912511607
KippyPatérich in CHICKENAdult catCan14.11 oz
1957EAN 8015912511669
KippyPatérich in BEEFAdult catCan14.11 oz
1958EAN 8015912511676
KippyPatérich in TUNAAdult catCan14.11 oz
1959EAN 8015912511683
KippyPatérich in RABBITAdult catCan14.11 oz
1960EAN 8015912511690
KippyPatérich in SALMONSterilised CatCan14.11 oz
1961EAN 8015912511706
KippyPatérich in TurkeySterilised CatCan14.11 oz
1962EAN 8015912511713
KippyPatérich in CHICKEN with EGGSKittenAlu-cup3,17 oz
1952EAN 8015912511614
KippyPatérich in CHICKENAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
1953EAN 8015912511621
KippyPatérich in BEEFAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
1954EAN 8015912511638
KippyPatérich in SALMONSterilised CatAlu-cup3,17 oz
1955EAN 8015912511645
KippyPatérich in TurkeySterilised CatAlu-cup3,17 oz
1956EAN 8015912511652
KippyPatérich in CHICKEN with EGGSKittenCan3 oz
1945EAN 8015912510983
KippyPatérich in CHICKENAdult catCan3 oz
1946EAN 8015912510990
KippyPatérich in BEEFAdult catCan3 oz
1947EAN 8015912510433
KippyPatérich in TUNAAdult catCan3 oz
1948EAN 8015912510440
KippyPatérich in RABBITSterilised CatCan3 oz
1949EAN 8015912510457
KippyPatérich in SALMONSterilised CatCan3 oz
1950EAN 8015912510464
KippyPatérich in TurkeySterilised CatCan3 oz
1951EAN 8015912510471
KippyMoussewith QUAIL & EGGSKittenCan3 oz
1940EAN 8015912511393
KippyMousserich in VEALAdult catCan3 oz
1941EAN 8015912511409
KippyMoussewith DUCKAdult catCan3 oz
1942EAN 8015912511416
KippyMousserich in FISHSterilised CatCan3 oz
1943EAN 8015912511423
KippyMousserich in RABBITSterilised CatCan3 oz
1944EAN 8015912511430
KippyNaturalwith CHICKEN & VEGETABLESAdult catCan9,87 oz
1920EAN 8015912511477
KippyNaturalTUNA with CARROTSAdult catCan9,87 oz
1921EAN 8015912511454
KippyNaturalCHICKEN with HAM & VEGETABLESAdult catCan9,87 oz
1922EAN 8015912511461
KippyNaturalTUNA with APPLESAdult catCan9,87 oz
1923EAN 8015912511478
KippyNaturalCHICKENAdult catCan2,47 oz
1905EAN 8015912510709
KippyNaturalTUNAAdult catCan2,47 oz
1906EAN 8015912510716
KippyNaturalTUNA with SHRIMPSAdult catCan2,47 oz
1907EAN 8015912510723
KippyNaturalTUNA with CLAMSAdult catCan2,47 oz
1908EAN 8015912510730
KippyNaturalTUNA with CHICKENAdult catCan2,47 oz
1909EAN 8015912510747
KippyNaturalTUNA with CHEESEAdult catCan2,47 oz
1910EAN 8015912510754
KippyNaturalTUNA with SALMONAdult catCan2,47 oz
1911EAN 8015912510761
KippyNaturalCHICKEN with SALMONAdult catCan2,47 oz
1912EAN 8015912510778
KippyNaturalFISH COCKTAILAdult catCan2,47 oz
1913EAN 8015912510785
KippyNaturalTUNA with TURKEYAdult catCan2,47 oz
1914EAN 8015912510792
KippyNaturalCHICKEN con CHEESEAdult catCan2,47 oz
1915EAN 8015912510808
KippyNaturalCHICKEN with HAMAdult catCan2,47 oz
1916EAN 8015912510815
KippyNaturalTUNA with APPLESAdult catCan2,47 oz
1917EAN 8015912510822
KippyNaturalCHICKEN with OLIVESAdult catCan2,47 oz
1918EAN 8015912510839
KippySauceCHICKENAdult catCan2,47 oz
1924EAN 8015912510846
KippySauceTUNAAdult catCan2,47 oz
1925EAN 8015912510853
KippySauceTUNA with CARROTSAdult catCan2,47 oz
1926EAN 8015912510860
KippySauceTUNA with HAMAdult catCan2,47 oz
1927EAN 8015912510877
KippySauceCHICKEN with SHRIMPSAdult catCan2,47 oz
1928EAN 8015912510884
KippyJellyCHICKENAdult catCan2,47 oz
1929EAN 8015912510891
KippyJellyTUNAAdult catCan2,47 oz
1930EAN 8015912510907
KippyJellyTUNA with CHICKENAdult catCan2,47 oz
1931EAN 8015912510914
KippyJellyTUNA with VEGETABLESAdult catCan2,47 oz
1932EAN 8015912510921
KippyCreamTUNA with SALMONAdult catCan2,47 oz
1933EAN 8015912510945
KippyCreamCHICKEN con CHEESEAdult catCan2,47 oz
1934EAN 8015912510938
KippySoupwith CHICKEN & VEGETABLESAdult catCan2,47 oz
1936EAN 8015912510952
KippySoupTUNA with CARROTSAdult catCan2,47 oz
1937EAN 8015912510969
KippySoupTUNA with SURIMIAdult catCan2,47 oz
1938EAN 8015912510976
KippyBurgerrich in CHICKENAdult dogBox3,53 oz
1290EAN 8015912508102
KippyBurgerrich in BEEFAdult dogBox3,53 oz
1289EAN 8015912508119
KippyBurgerrich in LAMBAdult dogBox3,53 oz
1291EAN 8015912508126
KippyBurgerrich in CHICKENAdult catBox3x1,76 oz
1405EAN 8015912509048
KippyBurgerrich in BEEFAdult catBox3x1,76 oz
1404EAN 8015912509031
KippyBurgerrich in LAMBAdult catBox3x1,76 oz
1406EAN 8015912509055
KippyBurgerrich in PORKAdult catBox3x1,76 oz
1407EAN 8015912509062