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The V.B.B. offer consists of an interesting assortment of pet-food with a high level of quality and very advanced in the composition of ingredients and of recipes.

The textures we present in our lines are as follows: PATE', PATE'+MEAT, PATE'+FRUIT, PATE'+VEGETABLES, MUSCLE MEAT BITS, MOUSSE, NATURAL, SAUCE, JELLY, CREAM, SOUP.

The containers and the execution possibilities that characterizes our brands are mainly: CANS, ALUTRAYS, SAUSAGES, BURGERS (patented)

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Products found: 38
HealthyMeatTURKEY and SPELTAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0420EAN 8015912504074
HealthyMeatDUCKAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0296EAN 8015912503596
HealthyPatèQUAILAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0300EAN 8015912503626
HealthyMeatCHICKEN and BARLEYAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0419EAN 8015912504050
HealthyPatèRABBIT and RICEAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0297EAN 8015912503602
HealthyMeatVEALAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0421EAN 8015912504067
HealthyMeatBUFFALO and POTATOESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0496EAN 8015912504760
HealthyMeatLAMB and RICEAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0298EAN 8015912503633
HealthyMeatHORSE and POTATOESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0301EAN 8015912503619
HealthyMeatVENISON and POTATOESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0302EAN 8015912503640
HealthyMeatBOAR and POTATOESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1151EAN 8015912507389
HealthyMeatPORK with RICE and VEGETABLESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
????EAN 8015912512109
HealthyFishTroutAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0299EAN 8015912503657
HealthyFishTUNA and RICEAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0422EAN 8015912504081
HealthyFishSALMON and RICEAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1150EAN 8015912507372
HealthyFishFISH and RICEPuppyCan14.11 oz
0303EAN 8015912503589
HealthyMeatHORSE and POTATOESPuppyCan14.11 oz
0304EAN 8015912503572
HealthyMeatQUAILAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0309EAN 8015912503688
HealthyMeatDUCK and BEANSAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0424EAN 8015912504111
HealthyMeatRABBITAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0307EAN 8015912503695
HealthyMeatLAMB and PEASAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0423EAN 8015912504104
HealthyMeatBUFFALO and SPELTAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0499EAN 8015912504777
HealthyMeatVEAL and GREEN BEANSAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0425EAN 8015912504128
HealthyMeatHORSE and POTATOESAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0308EAN 8015912503718
HealthyFishFISHAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0306EAN 8015912503725
HealthyFishTROUT and POTATOESAdult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0305EAN 8015912503701
HealthyMeatVENISON and POTATOESPuppyAlu-cup5,29 oz
0311EAN 8015912503671
HealthyMeatRABBIT and RICEPuppyAlu-cup5,29 oz
0310EAN 8015912503664
HealthyMeatQUAILAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0309EAN 8015912503732
HealthyMeatDUCKAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0312EAN 8015912503763
HealthyMeatRABBITAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0314EAN 8015912503749
HealthyMeatLAMBAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0313EAN 8015912503756
HealthyFishWHITE TUNAAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0317EAN 8015912503794
HealthyFishTroutAdult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0316EAN 8015912503770
HealthyMeatVEAL with CARROTSAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1287EAN 8015912508164
HealthyMeatHORSE and POTATOESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1285EAN 8015912508140
HealthyMeatPORK with PEASAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1288EAN 8015912508157
HealthyMeatBUFFALO and POTATOESAdult dogCan14.11 oz
1286EAN 8015912508133