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The V.B.B. offer consists of an interesting assortment of pet-food with a high level of quality and very advanced in the composition of ingredients and of recipes.

The textures we present in our lines are as follows: PATE', PATE'+MEAT, PATE'+FRUIT, PATE'+VEGETABLES, MUSCLE MEAT BITS, MOUSSE, NATURAL, SAUCE, JELLY, CREAM, SOUP.

The containers and the execution possibilities that characterizes our brands are mainly: CANS, ALUTRAYS, SAUSAGES, BURGERS (patented)

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Products found: 12
Healthy VETDietHEPATIC FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506689Adult dogCan14.11 oz
0905EAN 8015912506689
Healthy VETDietRENAL FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506672Adult dogCan14.11 oz
0906EAN 8015912506672
Healthy VETDietINTESTINAL FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506665Adult dogCan14.11 oz
0907EAN 8015912506665
Healthy VETDietDERMAL FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506696Adult dogCan14.11 oz
0908EAN 8015912506696
Healthy VETDietURINARY STRUVITE FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506726Adult catCan3 oz
0909EAN 8015912506726
Healthy VETDietRENAL FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506719Adult catCan3 oz
0910EAN 8015912506719
Healthy VETDietINTESTINAL FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506658Adult catCan3 oz
0911EAN 8015912506658
Healthy VETDietDERMAL FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506702Adult catCan3 oz
0912EAN 8015912506702
Healthy VETPreventSTERILISED FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506740Sterilised dogCan14.11 oz
0913EAN 8015912506740
Healthy VETPreventIMMUNITY FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506757PuppyCan14.11 oz
0914EAN 8015912506757
Healthy VETPreventSTERILISED FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506733Sterilised CatCan3 oz
0915EAN 8015912506733
Healthy VETPreventIMMUNITY FormulaHealthy VET | 8015912506764KittenCan3 oz
0916EAN 8015912506764