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The V.B.B. offer consists of an interesting assortment of pet-food with a high level of quality and very advanced in the composition of ingredients and of recipes.

The textures we present in our lines are as follows: PATE', PATE'+MEAT, PATE'+FRUIT, PATE'+VEGETABLES, MUSCLE MEAT BITS, MOUSSE, NATURAL, SAUCE, JELLY, CREAM, SOUP.

The containers and the execution possibilities that characterizes our brands are mainly: CANS, ALUTRAYS, SAUSAGES, BURGERS (patented)

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Products found: 12
Healthy VETDietHEPATIC FormulaAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0905EAN 8015912506689
Healthy VETDietRENAL FormulaAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0906EAN 8015912506672
Healthy VETDietINTESTINAL FormulaAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0907EAN 8015912506665
Healthy VETDietDERMAL FormulaAdult dogCan14.11 oz
0908EAN 8015912506696
Healthy VETDietURINARY STRUVITE FormulaAdult catCan3 oz
0909EAN 8015912506726
Healthy VETDietRENAL FormulaAdult catCan3 oz
0910EAN 8015912506719
Healthy VETDietINTESTINAL FormulaAdult catCan3 oz
0911EAN 8015912506658
Healthy VETDietDERMAL FormulaAdult catCan3 oz
0912EAN 8015912506702
Healthy VETPreventSTERILISED FormulaSterilised dogCan14.11 oz
0913EAN 8015912506740
Healthy VETPreventIMMUNITY FormulaPuppyCan14.11 oz
0914EAN 8015912506757
Healthy VETPreventSTERILISED FormulaSterilised CatCan3 oz
0915EAN 8015912506733
Healthy VETPreventIMMUNITY FormulaKittenCan3 oz
0916EAN 8015912506764