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The V.B.B. offer consists of an interesting assortment of pet-food with a high level of quality and very advanced in the composition of ingredients and of recipes.

The textures we present in our lines are as follows: PATE', PATE'+MEAT, PATE'+FRUIT, PATE'+VEGETABLES, MUSCLE MEAT BITS, MOUSSE, NATURAL, SAUCE, JELLY, CREAM, SOUP.

The containers and the execution possibilities that characterizes our brands are mainly: CANS, ALUTRAYS, SAUSAGES, BURGERS (patented)

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Products found: 71
BundyPatèwith LAMB and RICEBundy | 8015912505255Adult dogCan44,09 oz
0520EAN 8015912505255
BundyPatèrich in CHICKEN with TURKEYBundy | 8015912505279Adult dogCan44,09 oz
0521EAN 8015912505279
BundyPatèwith BEEFBundy | 8015912505262Adult dogCan44,09 oz
0522EAN 8015912505262
BundyPatèwith LAMB and RICEBundy | 8015912504357Adult dogCan14.11 oz
0016EAN 8015912504357
BundyPatèrich in CHICKEN with TURKEYBundy | 8015912504333Adult dogCan14.11 oz
0017EAN 8015912504333
BundyPatèwith BEEFBundy | 8015912504319Adult dogCan14.11 oz
0018EAN 8015912504319
BundyPatèrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912513595PuppyCan14.11 oz
2239EAN 8015912513595
BundyPatèrich in CHICKEN with TURKEYBundy | 8015912505330Adult dogAlu-cup10.58 oz
0553EAN 8015912505330
BundyPatèwith BEEFBundy | 8015912505323Adult dogAlu-cup10.58 oz
0554EAN 8015912505323
BundyPatèwith LAMB and RICEBundy | 8015912505316Adult dogAlu-cup10.58 oz
0555EAN 8015912505316
BundyPatèrich in CHICKEN with TURKEYBundy | 8015912504309Adult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0556EAN 8015912504309
BundyPatèwith LAMB and RICEBundy | 8015912505286Adult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0557EAN 8015912505286
BundyPatèwith BEEFBundy | 8015912505293Adult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
0558EAN 8015912505293
BundyPatèrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912513601PuppyAlu-cup5,29 oz
2240EAN 8015912513601
BundyPatèwith BEEFBundy | 8015912501899Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0149PEAN 8015912501899
BundyPatèrich in CHICKEN with TURKEYBundy | 8015912501882Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0149P1EAN 8015912501882
BundyPatècon TRIPEBundy | 8015912502353Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0149P2EAN 8015912502353
BundyPatèwith LAMB and RICEBundy | 8015912502483Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0149P3EAN 8015912502483
BundyPatècon FISH & RICEBundy | 8015912504265Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0025EAN 8015912504265
BundyMeat bits in patéwith TURKEY & BARLEYBundy | 8015912506481Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0860EAN 8015912506481
BundyMeat bits in patéwith LAMB and RICEBundy | 8015912506474Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0861EAN 8015912506474
BundyMeat bits in patéwith CHICKEN, RICE & CARROTSBundy | 8015912506467Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0862EAN 8015912506467
BundyMeat bits in patéwith FISH, RICE & CARROTSBundy | 8015912506498Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0863EAN 8015912506498
BundyMeat bits in patéwith BEEF, RICE & VEGETABLESBundy | 8015912506450Adult dogSausage28,22 oz
0864EAN 8015912506450
BundyBurgerrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912508201Adult dogBox3,53 oz
1293EAN 8015912508201
BundyBurgerrich in BEEFBundy | 8015912508218Adult dogBox3,53 oz
1294EAN 8015912508218
BundyBurgerrich in LAMBBundy | 8015912508225Adult dogBox3,53 oz
1295EAN 8015912508225
BundyPatèwith VEALBundy | 8015912505408Adult catCan14.11 oz
0532EAN 8015912505408
BundyPatèrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912505385Adult catCan14.11 oz
0533EAN 8015912505385
BundyPatèwith SALMON & SHRIMPSBundy | 8015912505415Adult catCan14.11 oz
0534EAN 8015912505415
BundyPatèrich in WHITE MEATSBundy | 8015912505392Adult catCan14.11 oz
0535EAN 8015912505392
BundyPatèrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912510518Sterilised CatCan14.11 oz
2241EAN 8015912510518
BundyPatèwith TUNABundy | 8015912513649Sterilised CatCan14.11 oz
2242EAN 8015912513649
BundyPatèwith CHICKEN with EGGSBundy | 8015912513618KittenCan7,05 oz
2243EAN 8015912513618
BundyPatèwith VEALBundy | 8015912505378Adult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0563EAN 8015912505378
BundyPatèrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912505354Adult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0564EAN 8015912505354
BundyPatèwith SALMON & SHRIMPSBundy | 8015912505361Adult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0565EAN 8015912505361
BundyPatèrich in WHITE MEATSBundy | 8015912505347Adult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
0566EAN 8015912505347
BundyPatèwith VEALBundy | 8015912505637Adult catCan3 oz
0693EAN 8015912505637
BundyPatèrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912505668Adult catCan3 oz
0694EAN 8015912505668
BundyPatèrich in WHITE MEATSBundy | 8015912505651Adult catCan3 oz
0695EAN 8015912505651
BundyPatèwith SALMON & SHRIMPSBundy | 8015912505644Adult catCan3 oz
0696EAN 8015912505644
BundyPatèwith TUNABundy | 8015912513625Sterilised CatCan3 oz
2244EAN 8015912513625
BundyPatèwith CHICKEN with EGGSBundy | 8015912513632KittenCan3 oz
2245EAN 8015912513632
BundyBurgerrich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912509284Adult catBox3x1,76 oz
1437EAN 8015912509284
BundyBurgerrich in BEEFBundy | 8015912509291Adult catBox3x1,76 oz
1438EAN 8015912509291
BundyBurgerrich in LAMBBundy | 8015912509307Adult catBox3x1,76 oz
1439EAN 8015912509307
BundyBurgerrich in PORKBundy | 8015912509314Adult catBox3x1,76 oz
1440EAN 8015912509314
BundyBurgerrich in RABBITBundy | 8015912514073Adult catBox3x1,76 oz
1545EAN 8015912514073
BundyBurgerrich in TUNABundy | 8015912514059Adult catBox3x1,76 oz
1546EAN 8015912514059
BundyBundy Biorich in BEEFBundy | 8015912506955Adult dogCan14.11 oz
1068EAN 8015912506955
BundyBundy Biowith TURKEYBundy | 8015912506948Adult dogCan14.11 oz
1069EAN 8015912506948
BundyBundy Biorich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912506931Adult dogCan14.11 oz
1070EAN 8015912506931
BundyBundy Biorich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912506900Adult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
1094EAN 8015912506900
BundyBundy Biorich in BEEFBundy | 8015912506917Adult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
1095EAN 8015912506917
BundyBundy Biowith TURKEYBundy | 8015912506924Adult dogAlu-cup5,29 oz
1096EAN 8015912506924
BundyBundy Biorich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912506863Adult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
1091EAN 8015912506863
BundyBundy Biorich in BEEFBundy | 8015912506870Adult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
1092EAN 8015912506870
BundyBundy Biowith TURKEYBundy | 8015912506887Adult catAlu-cup3,17 oz
1093EAN 8015912506887
BundyBundy Biowith TURKEYBundy | 8015912506856Adult catCan3 oz
1071EAN 8015912506856
BundyBundy Biorich in BEEFBundy | 8015912506849Adult catCan3 oz
1072EAN 8015912506849
BundyBundy Biorich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912506825KittenCan3 oz
1073EAN 8015912506825
BundyBundy Biorich in CHICKENBundy | 8015912506832Adult catCan3 oz
1074EAN 8015912506832
BundyBundy NaturalTUNABundy | 8015912509376Adult catCan2,47 oz
1441EAN 8015912509376
BundyBundy NaturalCHICKEN with HAMBundy | 8015912509383Adult catCan2,47 oz
1442EAN 8015912509383
BundyBundy NaturalTUNA and PORKBundy | 8015912509390Adult catCan2,47 oz
1443EAN 8015912509390
BundyBundy NaturalTUNA and TURKEYBundy | 8015912509406Adult catCan2,47 oz
1444EAN 8015912509406
BundyBundy NaturalCHICKEN and VEAL with OLIVESBundy | 8015912509413Adult catCan2,47 oz
1445EAN 8015912509413
BundyBundy NaturalCHICKENBundy | 8015912509369Adult catCan2,47 oz
1444EAN 8015912509369
BundyBundy NaturalTUNA with HAMBundy | 8015912514097Adult catCan2,47 oz
1577EAN 8015912514097
BundyBundy NaturalTUNA with VEAL & SURIMIBundy | 8015912514110Adult catCan2,47 oz
1578EAN 8015912514110